No, not a personal digital assistant…


This subject will divide people I know.

Some people hate seeing it, some people hate doing it, some people do it to make a point or to shock…but some people can’t not do it. I love seeing it, and I love it if my clients embrace it…

You can look away now, or hear me out. 

Because I’m not just talking full frontal snogging in the high street (that attention seeking kind that shocks your Gran outside the Co-Op and then it crops up in every conversation for a month followed by a loud ‘tut’). I’m talking about a held hand, a touched knee, a glance, a kiss on the cheek, a hug, a bum tap, a waist stroke…and yes even a lingering kiss. These are all acts I encourage you to pursue in your portrait sessions with me. Be it your engagement shoot, wedding portraits, or a more intimate couples shoot - whatever it is, I want to see your physical connection, which will in turn reveal your emotional connection. The entwinement of your souls. Visual poetry. These behaviours that come so naturally to you in private, but deserve to be celebrated and captured for the future. 

Consider me your safe space. There is no judgement here. Whoever you are, whoever you love, whatever your journey. I want to hear it, see it, and through my work, show you the beauty of it. 

So if you are looking for less of an Instagram moment and more of a personal, visual reminder of your passion and love - give me a shout, come on a shoot with me and show me the love!