What is your photographic approach?

I consider myself to be a story-telling wedding and portrait photographer. I have a candid, documentary style which allows me to move with your day, capturing the big and the in-between moments as they happen. I appreciate the tradition and desire for group shots with friends and family, and aim to make these fun and relaxed so as not to break the flow of the day. If you are a couple that prefer not to spend a long time posing in front of the camera, then we can keep those shots brief and relaxed too. My aim is to be like one of the guests - mingling, there to witness and record - and then ultimately share with you every wonderful moment of your day, to keep and treasure forever.

How long does it take to receive our photos?

I like to send a handful of fully edited sneak peek highlight images within 48 hours of your day, so you can get on and share your news with the world! I then look to get your full edited online gallery to you within 4-6 weeks, and follow up with your USB and goodie box within a couple of weeks of that.

If you are looking at print and album options, these can be ordered at the same time as your wedding package, or once you've had chance to view your gallery. Its totally up to you.

How do I receive my wedding photos?

Your fully edited photographs will be sent to you on a USB stick to keep safe as a back up. They will also be made available online in a secure digital gallery - this is ideal for sharing your pictures with family and friends, and also for selecting your favourites for your album should you be having one.

What wedding album and print options do you offer?

I am fortunate to work with a stunning album and print producer, who hand craft beautiful print products right here in the UK.

It is important to me to work with a manufacturer who has the same values, standards of quality and also timeless techniques to ensure your photos can truly be treasured forever. I would always encourage you to print your pictures whether that be as individual prints, or in an album, as this is quite simply the best way to enjoy them well into the future.

The options available at Folio Albums are simply stunning and there is something to suit everyone’s tastes - so if this is something you know you want for your pictures, whether at the time of booking, or after the event, we can work together and create you something to treasure forever.

Two of my packages include albums and prints at a discounted price - head on over to the PACKAGES page to take a look.

We think we'd like an album but we wouldn't feel confident designing it ourselves...would you help?

Absolutely! The process for albums is very simple. We can discuss the cover fabrics, the colours and the fonts, how many pages you'd like and any additions like vows or song lyrics, and I will design an initial layout. You can then review this layout and from there we can make any amends you'd like. If you'd like to add extra pages at any time we can do that too. I like to stick to 2-3 amends rounds so that we can get your album on order and into your hands as soon as possible.

Do you offer albums & prints for other shoots - not just weddings?

Absolutely I do! There are options for more traditional albums and prints, but also more fun print and photobook options - just let me know what you are looking for, and it can be done!

How far will you travel?

At the moment I cover the UK only, however don’t let that stop you asking the never know!

If your venue(s) is close enough for me to get to you and back in a day, travel is included in the cost of the package. If an overnight stay is required, I will let you know up front and a subsidy will be added to cover costs.

Do you offer pre-wedding shoots?

I certainly do! They can be extremely useful for practicing in front of the camera if this is not your natural habitat, and also for us to get to know each other before your big day - not to mention then having some beautiful bonus shots of the two of you before you are officially married!

Pre-wedding shoots usually last around an hour and can be in a location of your choice - somewhere meaningful to the two of you is perfect though not mandatory - and if you have children or dogs and would like them involved, they are very welcome!

If you have not yet booked me for your wedding, the cost of an engagement shoot is £220. If after this you love your pictures so much you want to book me for your wedding, the cost of the shoot will be taken off your chosen wedding package.

Do you offer videography?

I don't offer videography, however I am happy to reach out to my lovely local wedding supplier community on your behalf. If you do choose to book a videographer, it would be great if you could put us in touch with each other before your big day as we are often trying to capture the same things at the same time, and this will go a lot more smoothly if we have had chance to chat beforehand!


What kind of newborn photography do you offer?

Newborns are delicate and sleepy and yawny and hungry and messy and sometimes grumpy - and we love them for that! As a mum myself, I know how anxious you can feel in the early days, and it can be quite unnerving to have someone else handling your baby. Although photographs of little ones wrapped up in cloth and lay sweetly in a basket can be very beautiful, my newborn photography is all about the connection you have with your baby. The closeness, the love, the fragility, the devotion. Don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to have a cuddle while you get comfortable, or change a nappy while you battle with a toddler sibling, but the whole point is to capture you and your baby in the cocoon of your family.

Their time as a newborn goes by so fast and the relationship you are building as a family every single day, for me, is something precious to capture. Whether baby is your first born, or there are siblings present, whether you want to have the pictures in your home or outdoors somewhere special to you - all that's important is that you are comfortable to be yourselves. If you're comfortable, your little one will be too, and that's the magical elixir for perfect photographs!

My children are wild extroverts & may not behave...

Haha! Well I do hope so! Your children's personalities are what we are trying to bring to these photographs. We want to be able to capture exactly who they are in that moment, in that time in their lives, and I pride myself on making every effort to reach your children, gain their trust and get the best most animated shots I can. If you can see your child's true personality in those photos, you will love them! So never feel anxious about their potential behaviour; there is nothing to feel embarrassed, worried or judged about. Your little people are the stars of the show, we will take them as they come!

My child is very shy & hates cameras, but I'd love pictures of them...

I appreciate that not every child wants to be star of the show. Many can be very shy indeed, and meeting a stranger with a camera in their hands can be very daunting indeed. When I have encountered shy children in the past, my approach has always been to take my time to get to know them a little, I show them the camera, let them have a hold if they want, we have stayed in a comfortable environment and gone with the flow. As it happens this is exactly what extroverted children need too. Every child is different, their pictures will always be different, and that's what makes this such a rewarding area of what I do.

My children are a bit their teens! Is that a problem?

Your children are your children. My mum still grabs my hand when we're out together crossing the road! It makes me laugh most when I am holding my toddler's hand at the same time! It doesn't matter how old we get, family is family. The main thing I find, is to make sure everyone is in a comfortable environment, and everyone has time to look and feel great before we start shooting. That seems to be the recipe to success!

Where can we do the shoot?

We can shoot at your home, in your garden, or at a location special to you. That can be the park, a stately home, the zoo, Pizza Express - wherever you and your family feel most comfortable!

My son loves his BMX...can he have it in the pictures?

Your son loves his BMX, your daughter loves her horse, your son wants to wear his ballet shoes, your daughter wants to wear her Lionesses football kit - whatever makes their hearts sing! You can use part of a family shoot, or book a character portrait to capture your child doing / showing exactly what they love most!

I have a fur-baby, can I have a family shoot?

Abso-flamin-lutely! As I have said, a family comes in many forms and, whoever you call 'baby', is what Blue Hare family shoots are all about.

I have had dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, stick-insects (you name it!) growing up, so your fur-baby will be in safe hands. I will take my time, allow them to come to me, and familiarise myself with them. As with humans, the best thing is to be wherever your fur-baby is the most comfortable - this will lead to the best shots, with their real personalities captured.