BACK IN 2009...

...I was in a bar. Well, in all honesty, most of my stories from 2009 start with 'I was in a bar'...but I was young and single so don't hold it against me!

So I was in a bar (pictured below, The Lounge - now House - in Leamington Spa), it was late, and I got talking to an Argentinian girl. Well, she said she was Argentinian and I believed her. She said she was a palm I duly offered up my hands to see what she could see! She told me that your dominant hand represents your outer self, what you want the world to see you as, who you want them to believe you to be. Your non-dominant hand represents your inner self, who you really are. She spent some time studying my left hand (non-dominant), and advised me that my spirit animal was in fact a hare.

Young Hare by Albrecht Durer.

Young Hare by Albrecht Durer

Wow! I the next morning I had a Google to see what the 'hare' represents. I was surprised. I couldn't deny that it did in fact pretty accurately represent my inner self! So, long story short, I decided right then and there, while I sat in the greasy spoon having breakfast (as I said, I was young and single), that this was going to be my first tattoo.

And sure enough, days later there I was, with a sketch I had made inspired by a bronze statue of a leaping hare, having my left wrist tattooed. I don't know if the tattoo means anything especially real, but it does represent a time in my life when my choices were my own and I was looking to find myself, pin down who I was. And I was willing to trust the word of an attractive stranger with a mystical talent in this quest.

And 'blue'? is a universally enjoyed colour with plenty of meaning of its own. And anyone who cherishes some of the traditions of weddings will know that having something blue on your wedding day is a lucky charm. So, even if you are not necessarily impressed by the activities of my youth, I could in fact, bring you luck on your wedding day, and through the power of photography, every day after!

People walking past the bar, House, Leamington on the parade.

oh yeah, and if you ever want to see it...just ask! :)

“'Have some wine,' the March Hare said in an encouraging tone. Alice looked around the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. 'I don't see any wine,' she remarked. 'There isn't any,' said the March Hare.”