Folk & folklore

Clemency are a folk duo that create many wonderful sounds. Their music is at once calming and spirited and the storytelling that runs throughout was a major inspiration for their shoot a few weeks back - and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot the pair!

Spring had just about sprung, it was windy but the sun broke through some of the moody cloud to bring us light, colour and inspiration that day. Nina and Ben looked relaxed and intrigued as they showed me the way to the old railway arches in Leamington Spa - it was to be the first of our two locations that day, and it did not disappoint! These brick walls had seen years of industry and decay; and the colours, textures and markings only served to illustrate further the eclectic mix of sounds these two put out through the layers of their music.

Ben had brought his guitar-cum-suitcase...a natty little object handmade locally which, despite its luggage-like capabilities, made some wonderful sounds and looked the part too. Nina brought along her flowing locks which to me sum up the unique nature of Clemency's music.

After a short spell at the railway arches we took off out to the fields, up passed Chesterton windmill and down through the footpaths of the village. The wind blowing straight across the flats, the blackening clouds and the wide expanses of green served to create a vista within which to capture the more intimate aspect of their partnership...the love, the laughter and the shared passion for life.

All in all, a great day's shoot - fingers crossed one of these beauties will make the album cover! ;)

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