a family shoot in the warwickshire countryside

Full of love, smiles, baby gurgles, autumnal colours with a springtime backdrop, architectural detail, family history, childhood memories, spring florals all set in beautiful Farnborough. This one is a countryside lovers dream!

When Nina, Ben and I discussed where to have their family shoot, immediately Farnborough was suggested. I took it on face value that it was chosen because of its beautiful setting. However it was not until we arrived and were taking a stroll around the lake that Ben told me that Farnborough was where his parents lived, and these woodlands had been his childhood stomping ground. Ben is a landscape gardener, and on hearing this, it made complete sense. He guided us around all the little nooks and crannies like he had been here in his short trousers just yesterday, and it was truly special to capture him sharing these memories with his wife and daughter. He knew this landscape so well, and I got a strong sense that someday, so will Runa.

We roamed for a good couple of hours, Runa taking regular milk breaks and enjoying the shoot as she was well rested and a way off her next nap! She rolled in flowers, was carried up hill and sat looking out over a seemingly unending landscape. It was an overcast day with the occasional beam of sunlight breaking through, but this allowed all the colours of the architecture, stone, nature and this gorgeous family's clothing, to come together in one beautiful palette that made this shoot, and the resulting pictures, totally unique.

I'll leave you now to feast your eyes on my favourites of the day!

“there is nothing so beautiful, loveable & moving as the English countryside”

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