Now, these are serious fun. Whether your child is into cake or not...getting your living room, or their nursery, or the local village hall, decked out in bright colours, furnishing the set with their favourite toys, and strategically placing a cake of any sort in front of your dressed up little one, is possibly the best fun you can have at a children's party for one! Of course I can bring backdrops and props etc - but I think there is nothing better than your child's own toys and decorations selected by you with your child's tastes in mind, for getting the best photographs that really represent your little one!

These shoots take no more than an hour from set-up to pull-down, as often they are spirited, messy affairs...but I promise you they are worth every moment, as I capture every expression, and every smash of the cake! Send me a message to see what smashing time we can plan for your little one!