Berna & Jamie

Rectory Farm // Clipston, Northamptonshire


When Berna & Jamie first contacted me about shooting their traditional Turkish engagement ceremony I was thrilled! I had no idea what was involved but as Berna started to talk me through the different ceremonial elements I would need to capture, it all seemed incredibly romantic!

I went away and researched all the intricacies of the traditions so I was prepared for the day, and when I arrived at their chosen location it was stunning. There were many ups and downs for Berna and Jamie in the journey to their engagement ceremony…key members of the family unsure if they would be able to be there with circumstances as they currently are, and illness also making plans seem unlikely, so I was so happy on my arrival to see that everyone had made it and the day was working out as they had planned.

The greetings between the two families were wonderful to witness, the ceremonies themselves - Jamie’s Dad asking permission for him to propose to Berna, Berna’s family agreeing to accept, Berna then presenting Jamie with a special salted coffee, the ring ribbons being cut by Jamie’s Dad once Berna’s sister had agreed to it, various beautiful items of jewellery and pins and hugs being exchanged - and then plenty of delicious homemade Turkish food, wine, champagne on the lawn, Turkish delight, chocolates and DANCING! The built in Alexa in the kitchen was given a work out that’s for sure! And everyone joined in! Nana was video-linked in from Turkey to meet the in-laws, the sun shone, and there were smiles and laughter. What more could you ask for?! 

Here…enjoy it for yourself! 

“We hired Sarah to capture our engagement party and we are thrilled we did. We are so pleased with the photographs she took. Her attention to detail is first class and we are over the moon with the memories of the day that she captured.”