real life in your environment

Environmental Portraits

There are many professions, many industries and many processes, behind the products we buy, the food we eat, the care of people and animals, the civilisations we live in - far beyond those thrown at you by the careers advice service at school! And there are certainly many ways to live your life.

I take every opportunity to photograph and document these ways of living, these choices with which to use each of your twenty-four hours. My eyes are opened each and every time, and through my photographs, I hope those that see my pictures learn something too. We can never know what it is to walk in another's shoes, but photographs I believe can create empathy, educate and give overlooked or less-visible industries and ways of life a voice.

If you live a life less spoken, or know of a calling that deserves to be documented, please get in touch. I am not averse to a mucky farmyard, a noisy factory or an oily garage. In fact these places fascinate and reinvigorate me - to the point that your passion will then become my passion.

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Have an event you would like documenting? Whether it be a show-jumping championship, a dog show, a sporting demonstration, welly-wanging..a local festival. I will be there with serious enthusiasm, ready to get stuck in and capture the very essence of the subject and the day!

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serving the people

Just opened a cocktail bar and want to showcase your mixology skills? Or capture all the interior details you have so painstakingly selected and brought into fruition? Need some team shots to adorn your website? I have worked with local bar owners and also mobile bar owners to showcase what they offer.

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