Big Day Out - Chester Zoo

This year has been a tough one, with lockdown restrictions and limited experiences available for our children. So when you do get chance to hit the streets, it is a shame to be behind the camera, instead of out in front sharing in all the joys your children are feeling! That's where I can come in. If you are happy to have me tag along, I can be with you for your big day out, your family event or any adventure you can dream of - and you can treasure the photographs afterwards knowing you'll be in them too.

As parents you'll know, young children or old, a big day out starts from the moment you wake up - I can be there in the morning, or I can edit the photos you take together with the photos I take at the destination, so they all sit together beautifully! And if you plan to make a photobook of your adventure, I can help you there too, with lots of lovely album, print and photobook options. So...when's your next big day out?